Natures healing at home:

Natures healing at home:

The BioMat brings profound healing into your household or clinic. Take a look:

Far infrared-

Far infrared is considered the star of the Biomat by most. Far infrared is an invisible, healing aspect of sunlight that is mostly present at dawn and dusk. It cannot be seen because of its longer wavelength compared to visible light but that longer wavelength is also what allows it to penetrate deeply into your cells when you lay on the BioMat. And that is just one reason why a regular heating pad is inferior because those only penetrate 2 millimeters into the body which is more of a superficial or surface effect only. The BioMat penetrates 7-9 inches into the body so it heals and soothes more completely..

Negative Ions-

Negative ions are perhaps the secret star of the Biomat. But what are they? They are powerful molecules that are released when waves crash the shore or at the bottom of a waterfall. And that wonderful feeling when there is morning dew on the leaves and ground? That’s the negative ions too. Negative ions do an amazing job at neutralizing harmful chemicals and allergens from the air And when you breath them in they act as an antioxidant just like a powerful herb or vitamin can. Negative ions also increase serotonin levels in the brain which increases memory, learning, sleep and can increase overall happiness. In other words, negative ions can neturalize harmful free radicals in your body and make your brain work way better.. All this is accomplished simply by laying on the Biomat. Even those in the same room may benefit. 

Amethyst Crystal-

People have called the amethyst in the BioMat the “X factor” because most don’t expect to benefit from it. All quartz-based crystals can be used to generate far infra-red although there are other methods that do not involve quartz at all.. Richway, the manufacturer of the Biomat discovered some years ago that Amethyst generated more far infrared per square inch than all the other stone they explored. But the story doesn’t end there! Amethyst in and of itself carries with it, its own remarkable healing qualities as it sooths and fortifies the nervous system, helps with clarity, relaxation and creativity just to name a few things. This is probably why many people have reported to us over the years that they benefit greatly from their biomat even when they lay on it even without plugging it in! There are tons of stories about camping with the Biomat and using the Biomat during a power outage.