Professional Use

The BioMat Professional is a great addition to any health-oriented business. We get excellent feedback from therapists and healers using the mat in their practices. And the reason is pretty simple. Every therapist wants their clients to feel better, and feel transformed, and feel rejuvenated after a visit. And that is exactly what the BioMat can do.

Many of the mental and physical benefits of the BioMat are noticed immediately during use, not after weeks or months. This is part of why it is so successful and valuable in a professional setting.

The BioMat is very easy to operate, and there are very few safety issues or contraindications to worry about. Indeed, on the medium and lower settings, it’s safe for just about anyone. And even on the highest settings, the vast majority of people can use it no problem. A good rule of thumb is that if you can go in a sauna or hot tub, then you can use the highest settings on the BioMat too.

For any specific issues or questions that come up, our phone and email support draws on years of knowledge and experience gained from working with therapists and clinicians.

The BioMat Professional also comes with a rolling travel system that makes transport and storage convenient. And as a health professional, you qualify for a $100 discount on the BioMat Professional. There is also a possibility to benefit if any of your clients or colleagues show an interest in these items. We can send you free products or referral fees for any customers you send our way, or we can explore the option of becoming a Richway distributor in our network.