Biomat vs heating pad

Biomat vs heating pad

There are 3 main reasons why a Biomat is far superior to any heating pad:

  • Heating pads radiate harmful electromagnetic radiation (EMFs). That is why they are so cheap. They can do harm to your cells while providing heat. Conversely, the Biomat is engineered to shield you from harmful EMF radiation so you have piece of mind that you are not doing damage while trying to heal.

  • The Biomat penetrates 7-9 inches into the body while a heating pad only penetrates 2 millimeters. This is about 90 times more depth of healing from a Biomat compared to a heating pad Why just warm the surface when you can receive Wholistic healing from a biomat.

  • The Biomat generates negative ions into the atmosphere that act to neutralize allergens and free radicals (toxins). These are the same negative ions found where waves crash the shore and at the bottom of a waterfall. Negative ions also increasesSerotoin in the brain which helps in learning, memory and overall happiness. A heating pad does not. Breathing in these negative ions in and of itself is a reason to use your Biomat.