Experience full-body rejuvenation with the Biomat Pro, your oasis for holistic healing and relaxation.

The Biomat’s deep penetrating gentle heat reaches 7-9 inches into the body, helping to relax muscle tissue and reduce pain. Increasing circulation, reducing inflammation, reducing stress are all ways the Biomat helps people feel better.

Healing To Fit Your Lifestyle

  • Stress Relief

    Support stress reduction and enhanced mood through consistent relaxation and gentle infrared warmth.

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  • Pain Relief

    The Biomat's deep, gentle heat penetrates up to 7-9 inches into the body, providing pain relief by relaxing muscle tissue.

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  • Immune Support

    The body uses the circulatory system to transport nutrients and hormones, and release toxins, helping the immune system do its’ job. BioMat's negative ion therapy supports circulatory health.

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  • Longevity Support

    Stress reduction and mood enhancement, pain relief, immune and metabolism support, are the building blocks for longevity. Your time with your Biomat is a tranquil escape in today's hectic world.

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