Heal Beyond The Surface

Far infra-red from the biomat penetrates more deeply than regular heat.

The longer wavelength of infra-red allows the heat to go deeply into your body (7-9 inches) while the heat from a regular heating pad or most saunas only will heat your body’s surface (2 mm).

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Neutralize Unwanted EMF

The Biomat is engineered to eliminate any harmful electromagnetic radiation that would be found in a heating pad.

Every internal wire in the Biomat is paired with a second wire that neutralizes any electromagnetic radiation. It makes for a much healthier product.

Infra-red is known to increase circulation, increase Serotonin levels (the happy, calming hormone), and decrease cortisol (the stress hormone).

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Only Biomat Provides Negative Ions

The Biomat produces negative ions which neutralize allergens in the air as well as act as an antioxidant ( neutralizes harmful free radicals in the body) when breathed in.

These are the same healthy molecules that are produced at the bottom of a waterfall or from the crashing waves at the beach.

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Why Amethyst?

While no clinical research has yet been conducted to prove that Amethyst heals the body, we have received an overwhelming number of reports from customers who experience benefits from amethyst specifically.

Many users have shared that simply laying on the Biomat unplugged still makes them feel calm, at ease, more intuitive and mentally clear. That can only be the effects of the Amethyst since the far Infra red and negative ions are only produced when the Biomat is plugged in.

We'd love to hear about it if you ever do your own experiment with an unplugged Biomat.

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