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Which Biomat is right for me?

For a full-body theraputic experience, customers choose the BioMat Pro, which is 74" (over 6ft) long by 28" wide.

For those who want to use their Biomat while sitting in a chair or on the sofa, the Mini BioMat is the ideal choice at 33" long by 20" wide. It's very portable and includes a premium quality storage/travel hardshell case.

Lastly, the BioBelt is a lightweight, more flexible option, perfect for when you want a spot treatment on a sore muscle, for example. Most customers first purchase a BioMat Pro or Mini BioMat, and once they've experienced the benefits long term, adding a BioBelt makes more sense.

What are the benefits of each heat setting on my BioMat?

There are 4 heat modes when using the BioMat:

  • No heat: This is a way to max out on the benefits of the negative ions and amethyst while not receiving any heat. Perfect for sleeping on the Biomat or long duration use. Many pregnant and breast-feeding people use and love this setting.
  • 95-104 degrees: This supports normal body temperature. Also a way to use the Biomat for longer periods of time like during sleep.
  • 113-140 degress: Supports pain relief, deep relaxation and improved circulation.
  • 149-158 degrees: Supports pain relief, detoxification, and body temperature elevation.

How does the BioMat support my health and wellbeing?

Healing You Can Feel

Support stress reduction and enhanced mood through consistent relaxation and gentle infrared warmth.

Relief From Chronic Pain

The Biomat's deep, gentle heat penetrates up to 7-9 inches into the body, providing pain relief by relaxing muscle tissue.

Immune Support

The body uses the circulatory system to transport nutrients and hormones, and release toxins, helping the immune system do its’ job. BioMat's negative ion therapy supports circulatory health.

Longevity Support

Stress reduction and mood enhancement, pain relief, immune and metabolism support, are the building blocks for longevity. Your time with your Biomat is a tranquil escape in today's hectic world.

Learn more on our Benefits page.

Who qualifies for the discounted price?

  • Anyone who serves or served in the military
  • Anyone with any health related license, degree or certifications
  • Anyone who posesses a certificate from any health related course or workshop.

Can I pay over time instead of all at once?

Yes! We're proud to offer multiple pay-over-time options with 0% interest and no fees, including PayPal Credit and Shop Pay Installments. Simply add your desired products to your cart and checkout as you normally would - then at the payment step, choose either PayPal or Shop Pay Installments.

Learn more about our Financing Options.

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