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Amethyst Pillow

Amethyst Pillow

Unique pillow features a top layer filled with Amethyst and Tourmaline crystals to maintain a comfortable head temperature during hotter far-infrared therapy sessions.
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The BioMat® Pillow stabilizes and cradles the head and neck, delivering targeted relief.

The BioMat® Pillow contains black tourmaline and amethyst crystals that deliver benefits from two of the most healing stones in the world... while keeping the head cool.

The BioMat® Pillow complements either the BioMat® Professional or the BioMat® Mini. Its intended use is for short-term, therapeutic purposes. It is not typically used as a stand-alone pillow for sleeping.

 The pillow is composed of two parts. 

  • The outer sheath is the most important - it contains alternating rows of amethyst and tourmaline crystal. 
  • The inner part is a memory foam insert, which gives the pillow shape.

The BioMat Pillow does not produce infrared therapy or negative ion therapy on its own. It does not plug in. This is something that surprises many people. 

It is different from the BioMat, yet it is still a versatile and useful healing tool. The shape is designed to produce mild traction on the neck, which can be very beneficial as a thirty or forty-minute treatment. As I said above, it is not comfortable for (or intended for) sleeping on long-term.  

However, the memory foam insert can be removed and replaced with a different pillow, to offer a wider variety of possible shapes. 

It is also possible to detach the velcro on the back so that the outer sheath of crystals lays totally flat. We discovered you can heat these crystals on the BioMat for about twenty minutes, and they will produce lots of far infrared light, just like the BioMat. Then you can wrap the sheath around an arm or leg for local treatment, or lay down on the BioMat with the crystal sheath over top of you for a "sandwich treatment."

The BioMat Pillow is optional. It is perfectly okay to use a regular sleeping pillow instead. Some people mistakenly think that the purpose of the pillow is to keep your head cool during treatment. It is TRUE that the very best, safest, and most effective treatment occurs when you warm the whole body while keeping the head cool. In fact, this is a core advantage of the BioMat over an infrared sauna. However, the Richway BioMat has already put in place what is needed to protect your head!

The full-body-sized BioMats have nine inches at the top, which have no crystals and produce no heat whatsoever... and this is where the head naturally lays anyway. So a simple cotton pillow, for comfort, is sufficient. 

Taking everything into consideration, we still recommend the BioMat Pillow for professional use and home use. Most people like it, and it is part of the overall treatment system developed by Richway.

What's Included

  • Amethyst Tourmaline Pillow
  • Cotton protective cover


Size: 19"L x 12"W x 4.3"H
(480mm L x 300mm W x 120mm H)


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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the BioMat support my health and wellbeing?

Healing You Can Feel

Support stress reduction and enhanced mood through consistent relaxation and gentle infrared warmth.

Relief From Chronic Pain

The Biomat's deep, gentle heat penetrates up to 7-9 inches into the body, providing pain relief by relaxing muscle tissue.

Immune Support

The body uses the circulatory system to transport nutrients and hormones, and release toxins, helping the immune system do its’ job. BioMat's negative ion therapy supports circulatory health.

Longevity Support

Stress reduction and mood enhancement, pain relief, immune and metabolism support, are the building blocks for longevity. Your time with your Biomat is a tranquil escape in today's hectic world.

Learn more on our Benefits page.

Is BioMat proven safe and effective?

Curious about the effectiveness of the Biomat? Our customers consistently share the positive impact the Amethyst Biomat has on their health.

As an FDA-registered class II and class III medical device, it's approved for various ailments and backed by research on far infrared and negative ion technology.

Experience the benefits firsthand with a 30-day risk-free trial in your home.

Does BioMat emit EMFs?

Concerns about the relationship between Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF) frequencies and the Biomat are understandable.

As an FDA-registered medical device with 510k status, the Biomat has undergone extensive safety and performance evaluations, including EMF safety tests.

While EMFs naturally occur in various sources, including infrared rays, they become harmful when their hertz level is below one million. Infrared rays have a frequency of 20 billion hertz, which is safe.

Recognizing that the Biomat is an electrical device, the manufacturer has integrated a feature that effectively blocks 100% of harmful EMFs generated by electricity.

The Biomat EMF interceptor acts in the way as a lightning rod, safely conducting the EMF energy away to the ground.

Can I sleep on the BioMat?

Absolutely, sleeping on the Biomat nightly is possible. It provides a firm surface with consistent support for your body. We suggest using the lower green settings for optimal comfort.

Customers often rave about the profound relaxation and restful sleep they experience on their Biomat.

Can I use my BioMat on my bed?

Indeed, every Biomat model size is suitable for use on a bed. The Mini Biomat is perfect for cars, chairs, waiting areas, or even as a comforting space for pets.

While the Biomat Pro is designed for massage tables, it's also compatible with beds.

What settings should I use on my BioMat?

There are unique benefits for each heat setting on your Biomat.

  • No heat: This is a way to max out on the benefits of the negative ions and amethyst while not receiving any heat. Perfect for sleeping on the Biomat or long duration use. Many pregnant and breast-feeding people use and love this setting.
  • 95-104 degrees This supports normal body temperature. Also a way to use the Biomat for longer periods of time like during sleep.
  • 113-140 is, pain relief, deep relaxation and improved circulation.
  • 149-158 pain relief, detoxification, and body temperature elevation.

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